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Numerical Overcurrent & Earth Protection Relay Type : MJT 315


MJT 315 over current relay combines the power and flexibility of microprocessor technology with decades of experience in the field of protection. A wide range of protection elements and characteristics are supplemented by advance features such as metering, fault recorder and communication. MJT 315 offers inverse time and definite time over current protection for phase fault and earth fault with communication.


  • Distribution Feeders
  • Transmission lines
  • AC machines
  • Capacitor banks
  • Transformers
Standard Features
IDMTL / DTL phase fault over current stage (50/51)IDMTL / DTL earth fault over current stage (50N/51N)
Trip circuit supervision possible through status inputs26 spontaneous Time-stamped events for status inputs and output relays
Eight configurable status inputsSix configurable output relays and Six configurable output LEDís
Inverted status input is possibleOutput relays configurable for self, hand or electrical reset
Built in CB-Fail protectionStorage of five fault records
True RMS measurementsSuitable for flashing faults
Wide range of current settings & auxiliary supplyBoth 1A and 5A ratings in same relay
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