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Multi-function Transformer Protection & Monitoring Relay Type : T-PRO 4000


The IEC 61850 station bus embedded T-PRO 4000 relay provides complete 3-phase multi-winding transformer fault and overload protection, DFR-quality fault oscillography, sequence of event logging, trend recording, transformer monitoring, and overload early warning (TOEWS™) in a fully integrated protective relay solution, with advanced communications in a flexible cost-effective package.


  • Primary and backup protection, as well as management of small, medium and large power transformers and reactors (including differential, ground differential, phase, neutral and ground overcurrent, phase undervoltage, neutral overvoltage, under- and over-frequency, and overexcitation)
  • Transformer asset monitoring using thermal overload based on hottest spot or top oil temperature, Transformer Overload Early Warning System (TOEWS™) and Through Fault Monitoring


Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for high-speed protection and complete control of multi-winding transformers with the HV and LV windings connected to ring or breaker-and-a-half arrangements
  • Internal magnitude and phase shift compensation, eliminating requirements for external CT connections and auxiliary CTs
  • 2nd harmonic restraint algorithm improves security for energization and inrush
  • THD alarm function alerts to the degree of current waveform distortion and therefore harmonic content
  • Asset management to maximize use of transformer capacity (ANSI/IEEE C57.91-1995)
  • Through fault monitoring function allows measuring the duration, current peak RMS and accumulated I2t values for each phase during through fault. Use this information for analysis and preventing maintenance planning
  • Ambient Temperature Adaption (ADP) adjusts the pickup level of the time overcurrent protection (51 HV) based on the ambient temperature
  • Flexible Communications
    • State-of-the-art communications (2 rear ports, 100BASE-TX RJ-45 or 100BASE-FX 1300 nm multimode optical with ST style connector to accommodate the industry’s latest network-based communications)
    • Ethernet ports with 2 unique MAC addresses that easily accommodate network access security needs
    • Front panel USB and 100BASE-TX RJ-45 Ethernet port interfaces (readily accommodate modern standard laptops)
  • Reduced Cost
    • Substation automation cost – includes IEC61850 protocol to display and transfer operational data via local-area network (LAN) for local HMI and wide-area network (WAN) for remote monitoring SCADA
    • Substation engineering, installation and commissioning cost and times – IEC 61850 GOOSE messages communicate high-speed information between IED’s on the substation LAN (including transfer trips, interlocking, load-shedding, and commands)
    • Product setting time – 240 x 128 LCD graphical user interface provides convenient means to check/change specific settings and parameters
  • Improved Overall Response Time
    • Expedited response to systems events (11 generic front panel LEDs can be mapped to internal elements) allowing operators to quickly identify the cause of system events


Easy to Use

  • Flexible programmable logic for building customized schemes with ProLogic™ statements – 24 control logic statements (total of 192 statements)
  • User-friendly, Windows®-based relay setting and record analysis software
  • Enhanced DNP3.0 Level 2 SCADA communication protocol including user-selectable point lists, class support and multiple master station support
  • Exceptional fault recording capabilities with 96 s/cycle, all channels with events (best combination of waveform accuracy and file size)
  • High quality recording - fault recording (96 samples/cycle), up to 600 days of trending information of MW, MVAR, I, ambient temperature and loss of life, and event logging (1 ms resolution)
  • Highest storage capacity of sequence of event records with a maximum capacity of 150 files each containing up 230 events



Standard Features
TOEWS function provides accurate thermal overload protection of transformers with predictive 15 and 30 minute alarms
IEC 61850 communication via optical ports
5 current inputs for ring bus and breaker and a half
Asset management to maximize use of transformer capacity (ANSI/IEEE C57,91-1995)
96 samples/cycle fault recording, swing recording and event logging (1ms)
Protection functions include IEEE devices INCLUDE IEEE devices 87, 87N, 49, 67, 50/51, 50N/51N, 24INV/DEF, 59N, 60,81, THD, 27, Temperature Control and TOEWS
Protects 2 or 3 winding transformers, auto-transformers and reactors.
Enhanced DNP3 SCADA communication protocol including point lists, class support and multiple master station support.
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T-PRO 4000 Manual
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