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Feeder Protection Relay Type : F-PRO 4000


The F-PRO 4000 provides easy-to-use, state-of-the-art comprehensive feeder management protection, standard ring bus capability, reclosing, demand/trend metering and recording, fault location, SCADA control and metering in a fully integrated protective relay solution.

Protection & Control
Protection functions include IEEE devices 50LS, 50BF, 50/51/67, 50N/51N/67, 46-50/46-51/67, 50G/51G/67, 25/27/59 (25C), 21P, 59, 27, 32(P&Q), 60, 79, 81, and THD

  • Unique Breaker LogicTM functions for breaker failure detection and monitoring
  • Watt, VAR fl ow detectors as well as undervoltage, overvoltage and over/under frequency functions (Freq ROC) to provide protection for issues such as inter-tie protection needs
  • Enhanced user-confi gurable logic – with ProLogic which includes 10 control logic statements
  • 8 setting groups with unique Group Logic Control Statements – full Boolean graphics to create logic for setting groups switching based on a combination of given conditions

Easy to Use

  • Easy-to-use, install, and maintain
  • Easy to order – no complex product codes
  • User-friendly, Windows®-based relay setting and record analysis software
  • Setting software tool – relay specific application
  • On-Line setting tool
  • Flexible programmable logic for building customized schemes with ProLogicTM statements – 24 control logic statements (total of 192 statements)


  • Distribution Feeders
  • Transformer Back-up protection
  • Transmission lines
  • Generators
Standard Features
Protection functions include IEEE devices 67/51/50, 67G/51G/50G, 67N/51N/50N, 64REF/67SEF/51SEF/50SEF, 51V, 59/27, 59N/59G, 46, 47, 49, 32P/32Q, 81O/81U, 81R, 67C/51C, SOTF, 50BFFour-shot Auto Reclose function (79)
Flexible number of programming digital inputs, virtual inputs and digital outputsFully programmable protection control logic ProLogic
Group control logic GroupLogicWide range of site selectable universal operating time curve or user-defined curve
Wide range of Auxiliary supplyMulti level password protection
Eight independent setting groupsIRIG-B time stamping and sample synchronization
30 virtual inputs with complete SCADA metering and DNP control
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