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Numerical Voltage Frequency Protection Relay Type : ARGUS 8



ARGUS 8 range of numerical voltage and frequency relays have the power and flexibility of microprocessor technology, giving a wide range of settings which are supplemented by advanced features such as metering, data storage and Fibre-Optic communications. Supervisory and self-monitoring features give added confidence to the user as well as reduced maintenance and down time. A menu-based interface gives user friendly access to relay settings, meters and operational data


  • Capacitor banks
  • Ungrounded/ High impedance earthed systems
  • AC generators
  • Transmission lines
  • Distribution feeders
Standard Features
Over voltage (59) and under voltage (27)
Neutral voltage displacement
Negative sequence over voltage (47)
Over frequency (81O)
Under frequency (81U)
Trip circuit supervision (95)
2 pole and 3 pole versions
7 programmable output relays
4 programmable digital inputs (2 pole)
Up to 9 programmable digital inputs (3 pole)
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