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Numerical Directional Overcurrent Protection Relay Type : ARGUS 2



ARGUS Range of Numerical Over Current Protection devices combine the power and flexibility of microprocessor technology with decades of experience in the field of over current protection. Thus a wide range of protection elements and characteristics are supplemented by advanced features such as metering, data storage and communications.

The directional members of the family provide the ability to apply bi-directional control to each protection stage independently.Different settings can be applied for operation in the forward and reverse zones. The advantage of this capability is that a single Argus 2 relay can perform the function of two traditional directional relays.Phase-fault directional elements are polarised by the quadrature phase-phase connection, and earth fault elements are polarised by the system residual voltage obtained from the open delta tertiary winding of a voltage transformer or alternatively the relay will itself calculate the residual voltage internally from the three applied phase to neutral voltges. Alternatively, current polarised earth fault elements are available. Characteristic angles (or MTA) are selectable.

A two-out-of-three gating feature is available in 3∅ variants. When this feature is enabled, a protection algorithm will only be permitted to operate if 2 out of 3 poles measure fault current in the operate zone. This provides absolute discrimination between two directional overcurrent protections in systems where - 1:+2:-1 current distributions may be encountered.The Argus range includes single pole, three pole and four pole directional overcurrent relays, wherein the four pole version also comes with power metering function.These compact units are housed in withdrawable size E4, E6 and E8 cases.

A single pole directional sensitive earth fault relay is also available.

  • Argus 2 100 series - 1 pole directional
  • Argus 2 300 series - 3 pole directional
  • Argus 2 400 series - 4 pole directional
  • Argus 2 500 series - 4 pole directional + power metering


  • Parallel feeders
  • Ring Feeders
  • Distribution Feeders
  • Transformers
Standard Features
Protection functions include IEEE devices 51/67, 50/67, 51N/67N, 50N/67N, 50BF, 50N/64R, 27/59
Trip circuit supervision, CT supervision and Circuit breaker maintenance
Up to 9 programmable digital inputs and up to 11 programmable outputs
8 independent setting groups
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