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Feeder Protection Relay Type : F-PRO 215, 216, 235, 285, 295


F-PRO 2000 is a family of Multifunction Numerical relays, meant for protection of Transmission and Distribution equipment. Each relay in the family is loaded with a set of functions which can suit the requirements in a variety of power automa t ion applications. The products in the family are configured with a set of current and/or voltage operated protections, metering and data communication functions. For analysis, the products includes Fault logs, Disturbance recording and 1000 Sequence of events with 1ms time stamp resolution. As relay is draw out in construction it can be easily replaced in the eventuality of failure.



F-PRO 2000 provides current and/or voltage protection for Lines, Transformers, Generators, Motors, Busbars, Reactors, Capacitors etc. Rear Communication capability allows integration into a Substation Automation or Monitoring System/SCADA.



F-PRO 2000 series of relays offer various current and over voltage protections packaged into simple to use configurations.

  • Dir./Non-Dir. Over Current Protection (67/50/51)
  • Non-Dir. Measured Ground Fault Protection (50G/51G)
  • Dir / Non - Dir. Derived Ground Fault Protection(67N/50N/51N)
  • Negative Sequence Over Current Protection(46/50/51)
  • Restricted/Sensitive (Non Dir.)/Standby Ground Fault Protection(64REF/50SE F/51SEF)
  • Broken Conductor Detection (46BC)
  • Negative Phase sequence Over Voltage Protection (47)
  • Thermal Over Load Protection (49)
  • Circuit Breaker Failure Protection (50BF)
  • High Impedance Differential protection (87/50)
  • Phase Under/Over Voltage Protection (27/59)
  • Derived Residual Over Voltage Protection (59N)
  • Measured Residual Over Voltage Protection (59G)
  • Overflux Protection (24)
  • Under/Over Frequency Protection (81U/81O)
  • Rate of Change of Frequency Protection (81R)
  • Four Shot Auto Reclose Function (79)
  • Synchro Check/Energizing Check (25/27/59)
  • Current Transformer Supervision (60CTS)
  • Voltage Transformer Supervision (60VTS)
  • Trip Circuit Supervision (74TCS)
  • CB Monitoring (I² t)
  • Transformer Inrush Detection & Restraint (81HBL2)
Standard Features
Unit Price: USD 1,000.00
Catalogue Sheet

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